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Gialla Procelain | 12x12 | 18x18 | Glazed

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Your Price/Sq.Ft $3.95
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Gialla Procelain | 12x12 | 18x18 | Glazed
Product Number: 2018
Availability: In Stock
* Country : Italy
* PEI Rating: 4
* Coefficient of Friction: >.6 wet
* Shade Veriation : V3
* Commercial Usage: Light , Heavy Residential Usage: yes

In elementary school you started a rock collection, and never looked back. Now, as an adult, your collection is expansive and continues to grow. When it came time to redo your flooring, you knew that you wanted it to be inspired by your favorite rock, sandstone. After many searches, you finally came across Grigia porcelain tile. With it's sandstone inspired hd laser print surface, it gives off the perfect air of style and sophistication. Featuring cool greys and warm tans, your Grigia porcelain tile blends seamlessly into your current design. And unlike your sandstone rock, this porcelain tile is incredibly durable. With a beautiful design and great price, this tile can't be beat!

Best Used For:

Gialla glazed procelain is recommended for residential and commercial areas; mainly floorings, walls, and counter tops.

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