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Glass & Metal Mosaic | Diamond Cove

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Diamond Cove Glass Metal 1x1 Mosaic 12x12 Sheet
Product Number: 2717
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With a sleek and modern appeal, Diamond Cove Mosaic is the perfect choice for your next remodel or build. Whether a residential or commercial setting, Diamond Cove Mosaic will help create the alluring ambiance you are looking for. With a combination of metal and glass pieces, Diamond Cove Mosaic has an interesting blend of texture and color. The glass pieces come in an array of colors including grey, blue-grey and white. There are also squares throughout those glass pieces that are a silver metal. The combination of color and texture create a mesmerizing design, with cool and calming colors that create a modern look.


Diamond Cove Mosaic is ideal for areas with some traffic because the colors are painted on the back of the glass pieces to ensure the colors will not chip away. On mesh backings, Diamond Cove Mosaic is perfect for easy installations.

Best Used For

Diamond Cove mosaic is ideal for interior settings for residential or commercial use. Whether as a kitchen backsplash, bathroom border or accent in any room, Diamond Cove Mosaic is the perfect addition to your next build or remodel.

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