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Glass & Metal Mosaic | Manhattan Blend

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Manhattan Blend 1x1 Glass metal Mosaic
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Manhattan Blend Glass & Metal Mosaic is the perfect addition to your next remodel or build. Perfect 1x1 squares create a mesmerizing pattern combined of semi-translucent glass, bronze metallic pieces and gold undertone with faux-texture glass pieces. Occasionally one of the 1x1 squares are made up of 4 smaller squares that sheen metallically in gold, silver, dark silver and bronze. There are off-white, cream colored glass pieces that are encased in a bronze border; adding even more appeal to this Manhattan Blend Mosaic.


The colors are painted on the back of the glass to avoid the colors chipping away; making Manhattan Blend Glass & Metal Mosaic perfect for areas with high use. Glass mosaics are ideal for areas with precipitation because they are not porous, making them stain resistant.

Best Used For

Use Manhattan Blend Mosaic in both residential and commercial installations. Add Manhattan Blend Mosaic to the backsplash in your kitchen or on your vanity. With a modern look, Manhattan Blend Glass & Metal Mosaic is the perfect way to add that touch of pizzazz you’ve been looking for.

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