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Glass Mosaic | Bamboo Light

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Glass Mosaic | Bamboo Light
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Bamboo Light Glass Mosaic is a beautiful combination of hazy glass, clear glass, textured glass and stone. The textured glass pieces have a wave to the face of those pieces with a gold underlay creating a beautiful reflective piece. The hazy glass pieces are identical to sea glass and a light gold, almost cream color. Throughout the piece, there are small tiles with clear glass that have a straight edge and have a warm beige painted on the back to create a calming ambiance on the front. Some of the longer pieces have a wave-texture on the face, but the sea glass finish; underneath these pieces there is the same bright gold as the clear textured glass, creating a smooth movement. The stone in this piece is marble.
Overall the mosaic comes together to create an elegant, yet warm, combination of colors and textures. This piece is perfect for residential and commercial installations as it is easy to match with an array of colors and can help you create the perfect space that balances class and warmth.

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