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Glass Mosaic | Black and White Checkered | GA1002

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Glass Mosaic | Black and White Checkered | GA1002
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GA1002: Glass Mosaic is a combination of black and white mosaic square tiles. These are placed alternately to create a checkerboard pattern. Perfect for a retro design theme for your home or building. These come in a smooth and a glazed finish.

The colours are painted at the back of the tiles so they will not chip or scratch off easily. These are very durable given proper care and maintenance. They can be very versatile to use in a residential home to add colour to a room without going over the top. Glass is also non-porous, stain and water-resistant. You do not have to worry about spillage or stain damage.

Best used for:
Bathroom and kitchen walls or floors. Perfect for backsplashes and accents to vanity counters. Also great for outdoor uses in pools, conservatories or gardens.

Suggested Matching Tiles:
GA1002: Glass Mosaic tile goes great with white, black or any other dark solid colour. You could try to combine them with grey or black granite counter tops or for a cheaper option, polished or glazed ceramic.

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