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Glass Mosaic | Blue Waters

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Blue Waters Mosaic Tile
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Blue Waters Glass Mosaic is a simply intricate pattern made up of blue and black colors. Majority of the pieces are a denim-blue color with white streaks going through them both vertically and horizontally depending on which way the piece is facing. The black pieces pop up sporadically throughout the mosaic with the same white streaks; however, the streaking isn’t as consistent as it is within the blue pieces. While the busy lines create movement in this mosaic, it is not a busy mosaic; making Blue Waters Glass Mosaic the perfect addition to your next build or remodel.


With such an intricate design such as Blue Waters Mosaic has, you can rest assured that you won’t lose the detail in the design because the colors are painted on the back of the pieces to ensure they are not easy to chip. Due to the glass pieces on a mesh backing, Blue Waters Mosaic will be easy to install and even easier to clean.

Best Used For

Ideal for interior installations in residential and commercial builds or remodels. Blue Waters Mosaic can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, for a backsplash or vanity.

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