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Glass Mosaic | Grape

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Glass Mosaic | Grape
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Grape Glass Mosaic is a fun and funky pattern that will be the focal point of any space. A beautiful combination of grape and plum colored glass pieces, Grape Glass Mosaic can be used in residential or commercial settings. Some of the grape colored pieces are polished, to give off a bright purple shine. Some of the more plum colored pieces have a matte finish which adds a nice texture difference to this mosaic. Throughout the mosaic there is the occasional white piece of glass that has a slight purple border; this creates a dimensional element to the piece. Overall, the colors mesh well, providing a fun ambiance for Grape Glass Mosaic.


With a fun and funky pattern, Grape Glass mosaic comes on a mesh backing making it easy to install. Glass is not porous, making Grape Glass Mosaic easy to clean and helps the tiles not absorb scents or liquids.

Best Used For

Ideal for interior installations in residential builds or remodels, Grape Glass Mosaic can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, for a backsplash or vanity. With the rich plum colors in this mosaic, Grape Glass Mosaic can be ideal for commercial settings.

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