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Glass Mosaic | Graphite Brick | GA4006

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Glass Mosaic | Graphite Brick | GA4006
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GA4006: Glass Mosaic is a glass tile piece that instantly gives certain sophistication to any kind of space. It has a color combination of dark blue and black. It has horizontal patterns and it has smooth surface.

GA4006: Glass Mosaic is pricey but still comes under the practical side because it is very easy to clean and maintain. It does not need expensive tile cleaners to retain its beautiful appearance. It is also very easy to install. Its color does not chip off easily because it has a protective layer around it.
Best Used For:

GA4006: Glass Mosaic is a versatile tile piece that is suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, and swimming pool areas. It provides an incomparable artistry to your floors, walls, and backsplash.
Suggested Matching Tiles:
GA4006: Glass Mosaic provides a unique kind of atmosphere that combines perfectly with marble and travertine tiles. It can go along with dark colors like brown and black.

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