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Glass Mosaic | Honeydew Brick GA4001

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Glass Mosaic | Honeydew Brick
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You want a beach themed bathroom. But not the traditional sand in the jar on the counter or in a shadow box. You want to have a fun, yet sophisticated bathroom themed bathroom vanity. With Honeydew Brick Glass Mosaic, you can help your dream come to life. With a fun combination of green, tan, sea foam blue and pale green tiles, Honeydew Brick Mosaic is ideal. The glass pieces have a translucent quality to them, adding another layer of a beach themed ambiance. There is a nature of airiness associated with the translucent nature of the glass pieces, furthering your beach theme. Now all you need to add is some sea blue accents, no sand, and maybe a giant silver conch shell; and you’re set.


The colors are painted on the back of the glass pieces to ensure the colors will not chip away. With the simple interlocking design on a mesh backing, Honeydew Brick Mosaic is easy to install, as well as keep clean.

Best Used For

Use Honeydew Brick Mosaic in both residential and commercial installations. Add Honeydew Brick Mosaic to the backsplash in your kitchen or on your vanity. With a bright look, Honeydew Brick Mosaic is the perfect way to add that touch of fun to your space, while still including that home-like ambiance you yearn for.

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