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Glass Mosaic | Ice Blue

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Glass Mosaic | Ice Blue
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GA3001: Glass Mosaic is a tile piece that gives a bubbly nature to any kind of space. It is light blue in color. It has a smooth and shiny appearance that instantly provides a stylish atmosphere.

GA3001: Glass Mosaic can be installed easily because its dimensions are perfect. It is very easy to clean and maintain since it also does not need expensive tile cleaners to retain its beautiful appearance. Its color does not chip off because it has a protective layer around it.

Best Used For:
GA3001: Glass Mosaic is a delicate tile piece that is suitable for bathrooms and swimming pool areas. It provides an incomparable artistry to your floors and walls.
Suggested Matching tiles:
GA3001: Glass Mosaic is a unique tile piece that can be combined with white or other light-colored tile pieces because it creates a cooler atmosphere to your place.

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