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Glass Mosaic | Moss | GA1012

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Glass Mosaic | Moss | GA1012
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GA1012: Glass Mosaic is a modern collection of mosaic square tiles that come in different stripped shades of green (asparagus, Myrtle, and moss green). These are perfect for that modern yet elegant décor or theme. The tiles come polished and have a semi-glossy finish.

The colours are painted at the back of the tiles so they will not chip or scratch off easily. These are very durable given proper care and maintenance. Glass is also non-porous, stain and water-resistant. You do not have to worry about spillage or stain damage.

Best used for:
Bathroom and kitchen walls or floor. Perfect for backsplashes and accents to vanity counters. Also great for outdoor uses in pools, conservatories or gardens.

Suggested Matching Tiles:
GA1012: Glass Mosaic is great set against white coloured walls or countertops. You could use white marble, limestone or granite as preferable options to complement the tile.

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