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Glass & Stone Mosaic | Black and Grey | GS1008

Glass & Stone Mosaic | Black and Grey | GS1008

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  • Price per each Item
  • Colors are painted on the back of the tile so it will not scratch or chip off.
  • Sheet size: 11 3/4"x 11 3/4" 11pcs per box 63 Box/ Pallet
  • Each sheet is mesh backed for ease of installation Chip size:

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Field Tile
GS1008: Glass & Stone Mosaic is a striking mosaic of small, square shaped tiles. The stone tiles come in grayish blue with small, light specks. The glass tiles come in different shades of bluish grey and black. All the tiles are polished to a smooth finish and reflect light exceptionally well. They are arranged in a grid pattern with very thin grout lines.

GS1008: Glass & Stone Mosaic is an inexpensive way to update the feel of a room. It is not only easy to install but easy to maintain as well. The tiles are small and durable so it will not crack or chip easily. The tiles are water resistant to the mosaic will not stain, get molds, or harbor bacteria. It is versatile and can be used for any construction project inside and outside the building.

Best Used For:
GS1008: Glass & Stone Mosaic is a great accent for walls and floors inside bachelor pads or any space that requires a masculine touch. It can be used to cover walls and floors of any room with a contemporary design. It can be used as a backsplash for modern-looking kitchens and will look amazing with metallic appliances.

Suggested Matching Tiles:
GS1008: Glass & Stone Mosaic is best paired with dark or grey natural stone tiles like granite or slate. To play up the smooth texture of the mosaic, it is ideal to match this with large or medium sized rough or textured tiles. For a modern feel, the mosaic can be paired with metallic tiles in silver or chrome. 

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