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Glass & Stone Mosaic | Coffee | GS5006

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GS5006: Glass & Stone Mosaic
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GS5006: Glass & Stone Mosaic is made up of smaller square tiles in burnt sienna, copper, burgundy and maroon. These tiles are painted first in the desired color before being covered in glass for a shiny and long lasting color. It slightly resembles miniature clay bricks. 

GS5006: Glass & Stone Mosaic is a colorful mosaic piece that gives textured reddish look. It is durable and easy to clean, since the smooth surface allows for wiping and rinsing without much fuss.  

Best Used For:
GS5006: Glass & Stone Mosaic makes for a great mosaic in shower installations, near pools and kitchen backsplashes, as well as floors for outdoor lanais and patios. It is mostly a decorative tile that provides good traction on the floor, too.  

Suggested Matching Tiles:
GS5006: Glass & Stone Mosaic matches granite and slate slabs, as well as some limestone and travertine in ochre to champagne for a nice contrast in colors.  The predominantly brick red color plays well with other clay tiles or earth-toned limestones and travertines.    

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