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Glass & Stone Mosaic | Iced Mocha | GS1005

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Glass & Stone Mosaic | Iced Mocha | GS1005
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GS1005: Glass & Stone Mosaic is a bold mosaic composed of small, square tiles. The stone tiles are colored maroon and dark brown with white veins. The glass tiles come in clear with marble designs and plain with tints of dark brown, grey, and purple. The surfaces are smooth and highly reflective of light. 

GS1005: Glass & Stone Mosaic is easy to install and maintain. The tiles have wire mesh backing. Once installed and grouted, it will just require occasional wiping with a damp cloth to keep it from getting dirty. It will resist molds and stains as well as it keeps out water. It is eye-catching and can instantly give a room an updated look. It is more interesting than plain stone or plain glass tiles. 

Best Used For:
GS1005: Glass & Stone Mosaic is ideal for rooms with contemporary design. It is best used for modern kitchen backsplashes. It can also be used as an accent for living room and bathroom areas. It may be used as a border for bathroom walls.

Suggested Matching Tiles:
GS1005: Glass & Stone Mosaic looks dramatic when paired with dark colored slate or granite tiles. Go for black colors to maximize the beauty of this mosaic. For kitchens with metal furnishings and modern appliances, it is best paired with white porcelain or ceramic tiles. 

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