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Glass & Stone Mosaic | Medium Mauve | GS1001

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Glass & Stone Mosaic | Medium Mauve | GS1001
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GS1001: Glass & Stone Mosaic is an arrangement of smaller, square stone tiles colored in maroon, sandy gray, mocha to slate gray in marbled design. These stone tiles are then layered with glass to preserve its color and keep it shiny and easy to maintain.    

GS5001: Glass & Stone Mosaic is a colorful mosaic piece that gives an overall reddish tone. It is durable and easy to clean, since the smooth surface allows for wiping and rinsing without much fuss.  

Best Used For:
GS5001: Glass & Stone Mosaic makes for a great mosaic in shower installations, near pools and kitchen backsplashes, as well as floors for outdoor lanais and patios. The reddish color gives a rich tone to any location where this mosaic tile is used.  

Suggested Matching Tiles:
GS5001: Glass & Stone Mosaic matches polished porcelain in sandy colors since the muted color would really highlight the red undertones of this tile. 

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