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Glass & Stone Mosaic | Mocha | GS1003

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Glass & Stone Mosaic | Mocha | GS1003
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GS1003: Glass & Stone Mosaic is a beautiful mosaic composed of small square tiles. The glass and stone tiles comes in an array of browns from cream with beige veins to dark brown.  The surfaces of the stone tiles are polished to match the sheen of the glass tiles. All the tiles have straight crisp edges to make grouting easier. 

GS1003: Glass & Stone Mosaic is worth the price tag because of the sophistication it brings to any space. It is also durable and will not chip or break easily. It will keep its appearance for a long time without requiring fussy and laborious maintenance. The tiles resistant to water and stains and may be used in areas that get wet often. The color is not likely to fade or chip.  

Best Used For:
GS1003: Glass & Stone Mosaic is perfect for use in modern kitchens with dark colored wood furnishings. It is ideal as surface material for backsplash. It is also a dramatic background for white furnishings inside bathrooms. 
Suggested Matching Tiles:
GS1003: Glass & Stone Mosaic is best paired with light colored tiles. To draw the eye to the mosaic, it is ideal to use large or medium sized stone tiles. For Zen-inspired rooms, the tiles can also be used with wooden planks or stark white stone tiles. 

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