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Glass & Stone Mosaic | Sonoma Blend

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Sonoma Blend 1x1 Interlocking Glass stone Mosaic 12" x 12" sheet
Product Number: 2138
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You want your new resort lobby to have a welcoming environment.  You want vacationers to walk into the lobby being greeted by the staff feeling like they are walking into an old friend’s home; you want them to be comfortable. However, you don’t want to lose the reputation that an upscale hotel should have. This is the gateway to your entire resort; this is where all guests enter and it needs to put a warm arm around them and entice them at the same time. Adding Sonoma Blend Glass & Stone Mosaic is the perfect way to add a modern and welcoming edge to your lobby. The warm caramel colored glass pieces mix elegantly with the deep rusty-brown tone pieces. Throughout the mosaic there are lighter colored stone and glass pieces of beige and a warm tan that add a layer of warmth to the mosaic. Use as the runner throughout your lobby, or as a mid-wall border; adding a welcoming ambiance that still exudes the level of class you are looking for. Tie in this theme into the rooms by adding a simple border of Sonoma Blend in the bed area, or a thin strip at the top of the shower.


The colors are painted on the back of the glass pieces to ensure the colors will not chip away. With the 1x1 interlocking design on a mesh backing, Sonoma Blend Mosaic is easy to install, as well as keep clean.

Best Used For

Use Sonoma Blend Mosaic in both residential and commercial installations. Add Sonoma Blend Mosaic to the backsplash in your kitchen or on your vanity. With a modern look, Sonoma Blend Mosaic is the perfect way to add that touch of class to your space, while still including that welcoming ambiance you yearn for.

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