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Gold Green Slate | 6x6

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Gold Green Slate | 6x6
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Gold Green Slate 6x6 is extremely sturdy and durable. Its tough composition makes it resistant to fading, scratches and even chemicals. The surface is rough making it naturally slip-free. With proper care and maintenance, slate tiles will virtually last forever.

Best Used For:
Gold Green Slate 6x6 is ideal for any application as the tiles can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is an ideal way of bringing in natural elements into any space. It can be used on walls and floors, external stairways and even in gardens. It can also be used around man-made water features such as fountains or ponds.

A trip to the aquarium this weekend was a welcome distraction; a day of relaxation with the sharks and jellyfish was a great way to put your mind at ease after a long work week. As you strolled through the corridors, the deep blue waters lapping at the windows and calming your thoughts, you noticed how beautiful the waters reflection was on the Gold Green slate flooring. The sunlight streaming through the water danced across the tiles glistening surface, dusted with gold flecks. The deep blue green color of the tile gave the space a modern feel that created the perfect environment to showcase its fascinating inhabitants.

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