1. Gold Stone Mosaic | Tumbled | 2x2

Gold Stone Mosaic | Tumbled | 2x2

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Gold Stone Mosaic | Tumbled | 2x2
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Gold Tumbled 2x2 is a mosaic composed of small, mini square travertine tiles. The main color of the tiles is earthy orange with unique patterns of beiges and browns. The surface is coarse with visible pits but the edges are slightly rounded due to the tumbling process. The tiles are arranged in a brick pattern. 

Gold Tumbled 2x2 is already assembled in a brick-pattern mosaic to facilitate fitting. The warm color and coarse texture instantly provides any space a welcoming appeal. The tiles are considerably hard-wearing and do not discolor easily. 

Best Used For:
Gold Tumbled 2x2 is great for ceiling applications particularly for old-style homes and offices. It can also be used as wall or floor accents. 

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