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Golden Green | Polished | 1x3

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Golden Green | Polished | 1x3
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Golden Green Polished 1x3 is a mosaic made up of small rectangular tiles. The travertine tiles come in varying shades of greenish grey with golden highlights. They are cut along the bedding plane. The surface has been polished to a dull sheen and the pits have been smoothed. The tiles are arranged in a brick pattern. 

Golden Green Polished 1x3 is striking because it has more character than the usual ceramic tiles. It can hide stains and dirt well so it really takes almost no upkeep. It can withstand weathering for a long time. It is a practical choice if you want to create a unique area without breaking the bank. 

Best Used For:
Golden Green Polished 1x3 is very versatile and can be used on practically any surface – ceiling, walls, and floors. 

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