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Golden Green S Pattern 4x10

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Golden Green S Pattern 4x12
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Golden Green S Pattern 4x12 is a travertine tile border. The set is made up of square, rectangular, and triangular tiles designed to interlock and form an S pattern. The tiles come in various shades ranging from greenish grey, brown, to beige. The surface appears unfinished due to the tumbling process. The edges are slightly rounded. 

Golden Green S Pattern 4x12 is already arranged in a beautiful pattern and is ready for installation. The surface is rough and naturally slip-resistant. The colors are neutral and look great with almost any stone tiles. 

Best Used For:
Golden Green S Pattern 4x12 is best used as a border for outdoor shower areas or around the walls of a swimming pool. It can also be used indoors to accent a stone tile covered wall. It is durable enough to be used in high traffic areas like corridors or entryways.

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