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Golden Green Slate | Mosaic | 1x2 | Tumbled

Golden Green Slate | Mosaic | 1x2 | Tumbled

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12x12 Mosaic Sheet
Golden Green 1x2 Mosaic Mesh Tumbled is a mosaic made from small, rectangular slate tiles. The color of the tiles is Green with silver swirls. The stone tiles have been tumbled to a slightly rough texture with the clefting still very evident. The uneven surface reflects so light but is not shiny. 

Platinum Slate 1x2 Mosaic Mesh Tumbled is made from high-quality slate. The uneven feel of the mosaic’s surface is a great way of adding texture to any space. It is ideal for use in wet areas because it is non-slip. The material is strong and could stand use in high traffic places. 

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