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Golden Sienna Stone paver | 3cm | 12x24 | Tumbled

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Golden Sienna Tumbled 3cm Paver 12x24 is a square mosaic of rectangular paving tiles cut from travertine. The tiles are brown, sienna, and cream in color with varying patterns of white, gold, and grey on the surface. The tiles are tumbled so the surfaces are still rough. The edges are rounded as well. There is a thin line of grouting in between. The pits and grooves are left without fills to keep the characteristic texture of travertine. 

Golden Sienna Tumbled 3cm Paver 12x24 is hard-wearing and will often outlast the building it is used on. The surface does not show wear even when used in high traffic areas. Travertine also disperses heat quite easily so the surface of the tile will remain cool even when exposed to the sun. 

Best Used For:
Golden Sienna Tumbled 3cm Paver 12x24 is ideal for any landscaping projects. It can be used on patios, around the pool, and surrounding water features like ponds or fountains.

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