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Golden Sienna Travertine | 12x12 | 18x18 | Filled | Honed

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Product Number:1117
  • Price Per Sq Ft
  • Polished , Filled, Travertine
  • 3/8" Thick, 360 sqf per pallet
  • Application: Outdoor, Indoor, Floor, Wall

Order Sample
12x12 Field Tile
18x18 Filed Tile
Golden Sienna 12x12 Honed, Filled, Travertine is a medium-sized stone tile made from high-quality travertine. The tile is cut down the bedding plane of the stone. The pits and imperfections have been filled before the surface was honed to a matte finish. The edges are crisp and straight. Each comes in varying shades of sienna with brown and cream swirls. 

Golden Sienna 12x12 Honed, Filled, Travertine is made from very dense materials that will not weather over an extended period of time. Its color is warm and can instantly make any space appear homey and welcoming. The veining and swirls make each tile unique allowing the builder to create a one-of-a-kind room. The material is also less expensive than other stones of equal beauty.

Best Used For:
Golden Sienna 12x12 Honed, Filled, Travertine is ideal for indoor installations in both commercial and residential constructions. The tile can be used as flooring or wall cover. It can also be used as an accent.

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