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Golden Sienna Travertine | 18x18 | Tumbled

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Golden Sienna Travertine | 18x18 | Tumbled
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When you were in art school, you were always attracted to colors found in nature, and things with a natural aesthetic. After you graduated and bought a home, you decided that the bottom floor needed a change, and you wanted to start with the flooring. Keeping your preference of a natural palette in mind, you set out on the search for the perfect tile. Your search ended when you came across Golden Sienna travertine tile. The gold, cream, mocha and honey colored tones found in the travertine are reminiscent of those found in nature and the veins throughout give your tile visual interest. The tile is completed with a tumbled finish, giving it a somewhat matte appearance. After the flooring has been installed, your space looks completely transformed and you couldn't be happier with your new Golden Sienna travertine tile.

Best Used For:

Golden Sienna tumbled travertine is ideal for both residential and commercial use. It works well for floors, walls, counter tops and shower walls.

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