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Golden Sienna Travertine | 6x6 | Tumbled

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Product Number:2677
  • Price Per Sq Ft
  • Tumbled. Travertine
  • 3/8" Thick,
  • Application: Outdoor, Indoor, Floor, Wall

Order Sample
Golden Sienna 6x6 Tumbled Travertine is a small, travertine tile cut in a square shape. The main color of each tile is sienna or light orange-brown with unique cream-colored swirls and veins. The tiles are tumbled for the aged, rustic look that appeals to many. The grooves and pits are left unfilled to add to the unfinished look of the stone. The edges are somewhat rounded from the tumbling process.   

Golden Sienna 6x6 Tumbled Travertine is sturdy and dense to withstand weathering. It is an inexpensive way to add texture and character to any space. The tile is versatile and can be combined with other colored tiles to create interesting patterns. 

Best Used For:
Golden Sienna 6x6 Tumbled Travertine is ideal for indoor use in any room. It works well in rooms with dark colored furnishings. It can also be used outdoors around water features and pools once it has been sealed correctly. 

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