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Golden Sienna Travertine Mosaic | 3x6

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Golden Sienna Travertine Mosaic | 3x6
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Golden Sienna 3x6 is a small, rectangular tile cut from travertine. The tiles come in shades of brown, cream, and sienna. The deep grooves are filled but the surface still shows pits and feels rough to the touch. The edges are slightly rounded due to the tumbling process. 

Golden Sienna 3x6 is rough and has an antique appearance that can bring character and texture to any surface. The stone is durable and will last for many, many years. The color will also become richer as time passes. The surface is inherently slip-proof and can easily be waterproofed by applying a sealant. These tiles are an affordable option when considering your overall budget.

Best Used For:
Golden Sienna 3x6 is best used in projects designed to bring the outdoors inside the room. It can be used for walls and room floors. It can also be used for outdoor installations such as the garden area or the garage.  

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