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Amarelo ornamental Granite Slab

Amarelo ornamental Granite Slab

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Amarelo Ornamental granite from Brazil has warm, rich hues of yellows, grays and creams.  This classic looking granite can be installed both indoors and outdoors and will be both a functional and aesthetically pleasing feature in your design space.  For a complementary pairing, combine Amarelo Ornamental granite with Maple colored cabinetry. Or, opt for a clean and airy pop when you combine White cabinetry with Amarelo Ornamental granite kitchen counters.


Applying a sealant will help you ensure that you will be enjoying this extraordinary stone for many years to come. Amarelo Ornamental granite is ideal for situations where there is constant use; such as a kitchen counter top or bathroom vanity. This is because granite is one of the hardest and least porous stones, making it durable against scratches and stains.

Best Used For:

Because granite can withstand freezing temperatures, this makes Amarelo Ornamental granite the first go-to when adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor bar or garden bench top. Amarelo Ornamental slabs come in both 2 CM and 3 CM, making it ideal for commercial or residential use. 

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