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Betularie Granite Slab

Betularie Granite Slab

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Betularie granite is a taupe granite all the way from Brazil. With a medium variation, the light and dark browns, creams and some darker taupe veins run throughout this piece.  The beauty and character found in Betularie granite is created by the earth's natural forces, producing a stone that is unique and unmatched. To design a warm, inviting space, pair your Betularie granite counter top with Eramosa Beige Porcelain flooring, wheat colored cabinetry and Mixed Travertine Mosaic tiles as a back splash option. 


When properly sealed, Betularie granite is resistant to scuffs, scratches and stains. As a durable natural stone, Betularie granite will be an addition to your home that you will enjoy for many years to come. Ideal for areas with high traffic, Betularie granite will not be discolored by accidental spills of acids or chemicals.

Best Used For:

Able to withstand freezing temperatures, Betularie granite makes a great addition to any exterior, or interior, remodel that you are starting to tackle. Ideal for both residential and commercial installations, Betularie granite slabs are available in 2 CM and 3 CM. Add Betularie granite to your kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanities, boardroom tables, swim up pool bars and many more installations. 

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