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Black Galaxy Granite Slab

Black Galaxy Granite Slab

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Black Galaxy granite’s description matches its name perfectly. A rich, black base is speckled with copper-tinted spots throughout the face of the stone. In certain instances, these spots catch the light just so and look cream, like the image pictured above. The black base seems to have splatters of sporadic spots that have a light-catching/reflective tendency to them. These spots have a copper-tinge to them that compliments the black base well. With the constant reflective nature of the spots, there is a depth created that gives the face of the stone a 3-dimensional feel. Overall, Black Galaxy Granite has one of the most fitting names for a stone that we sell.


Black Galaxy granite is quite the durable natural stone, making it the perfect addition to your next remodel or renovation. When properly sealed, Black Galaxy granite is resistant to scuffs, stains and scratches. Simple to keep clean, and resistant to acids and chemicals, Black Galaxy granite will be a piece in your home you will enjoy for years to come.

Best Used For:

Able to withstand freezing temperatures, Black Galaxy granite is ideal for interior and exteriors installations. Available in 2 CM and 3 CM slabs, Black Galaxy granite is perfect for commercial and residential uses. Add Black Galaxy granite to your kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, foyer tables, patio countertops and board room tables. 

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