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Blue Bahia Granite Slab

Blue Bahia Granite Slab

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With out of this world patterns, Blue Bahia granite comes all the way from the quarries in Brazil; it is also known as Azul Bahia.  Resembling an astronaut's birds eye view of the earths surface, this gorgeous granite can leave even the chattiest of friends speechless.  This incredible natural stone deserves the exclamations it is sure to receive thereafter.  Blue Bahia granite features light blues with slight variations of gray and white throughout.  With certain sections of intense royal blue veins rushing through the granite in medium to larger sizes and gold meandering in between, this elegant granite will be a standout in any space.


With such a powerful combination of pattern, color and durability, Blue Bahia granite is exactly what you need for your remodel. When properly sealed, Blue Bahia granite is resistant to scratches, scuffs and stains. Making it ideal for areas with constant activity, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Best Used For:

Slabs are available in 2 CM and 3 CM, making them perfect for residential and commercial use.  Add Blue Bahia granite to your home or business through the kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanities or board room tables. Blue Bahia granite can withstand freezing temperatures, adding just another unbelievable characteristic to this unbelievable stone.  Being able to withstand those temperatures makes Blue Bahia granite perfect for exterior installations, as well as interior installations too. 

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