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Blue Pearl Granite Slab

Blue Pearl Granite Slab

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If you’ve ever taken a moment to shrink down about the size of a speck of dirt, you’d be able to notice how beautiful a snowflake is close up. This tiny object would consume all your senses and you would get lost walking through all the crevices of the snowflake. The walls around you would glisten with every step, a luminescent pale blue and creamy blue/white would encompass you, pushing you to explore further. The lighter specks amongst the piece would seem as if you can reach out and touch them, but when you do, you find they lay flat against the navy blue specks. Such an illusion, one you could only find while exploring the inside of a snowflake… Until now that is. Blue Pearl granite is a luminescent and gorgeous granite slab that would create the perfect statement piece for your home or office.



When properly sealed, Blue Pearl granite is durable against acids, chemicals, scratches and stains. Likewise, it is very easy to clean and maintain for many years to come. Blue Pearl granite is ideal to add into a busy kitchen or a bathroom because it will handle the constant use very well and come away looking new.


Best Used For:

Blue Pearl granite is ideal for interior and exterior installations because it can withstand temperatures in freezing climates. This granite comes in 2 CM and 3 CM slabs and is recommended for both commercial and residential projects; like countertops for kitchens, bathroom vanities, outdoor BBQ islands, lobby reception areas and many other countless possibilities.

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