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Bordeaux Granite Slab

Bordeaux Granite Slab

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Exploring the caves has always been a favorite past time of yours. You love to see the way the people before you use to live and see if you can find traces of what they left behind. You like to see the way the roof of the cave blackens at the spots where fires use to burn and smolder. You finally dropped into a beautiful cave which shines orange, almost red in the light. The orange color has light fragments of cream colored stone that creates a mesmerizing pattern. Instantly you find the spot where the fire used to be. You look up and see the elegant markings stretch across the ceiling in small spots and then in areas with intricate patterns.  Capturing that image would not be done justice by using a camera, which is why Mother Nature decided to create the same pattern in Bordeaux granite.



Sure to set any mood, the gold and creams in Bordeaux granite are sure to be the ideal finishing touch on your next remodel. When properly sealed, Bordeaux granite will not only be there for your family for years to come, it will become part of the family while you spend many dinners crowded around the Bordeaux granite table top; or whether it shares all the secrets shared amongst friends over drinks at your local restaurant as a bar top. 


Best Used For:

Bordeaux granite can be used in both exterior and interior installations. This granite is also ideal for a setting in which a freezing climate might develop, as it can withstand those temperatures. These 2 CM. or 3 CM, slabs are recommended for counter tops in bathrooms, kitchens, or any outdoor living space. Bordeaux granite can also be used for both residential and commercial settings. 

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