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Brown Antique Granite Slab

Brown Antique Granite Slab

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You've collected geodes more than you’d care to share. You have a simple and fast technique of grabbing as many as you can before the sun sets. You can feel the desert heat burning the back of your neck and the sweat keeps dripping from your brows into your eyes. Loading the buckets upon buckets into the back of your truck, you take back off down that all too familiar dirt road. Arriving in time for the sun to sink behind the mountain, you start carrying your buckets into your shop. One by one, you start splitting your geodes open; some you do with a simple chisel-tool and hammer, for a rough break, and for others you use a saw. You see a geode with a promising size and decide to saw this one open and polish it first. After polishing, you notice this geode has such a rich brown color it almost takes on a dark burgundy-brown shade. Upon a closer look, you can see this piece has a shattered affect made up of small beige, dark brown, light brown and soft cream specks. Fully polished, this elegant stone glistens in every angle of the light and the deep brown colors are truly intriguing. You could have only lucked out more if you had found a monstrous geode, big enough to make a slab for your table.

With Brown Antique granite, you have found the ultimate granite slab of your dreams.  Brown Antique granite is a gorgeous brown based granite from Angola.


When properly sealed, Brown Antique granite is resistant to acid and chemicals and resistant to scuffs, scratches and stains. Easy to clean, Brown Antique granite will be perfect for heavy traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Best Used For:

Able to withstand freezing temperature, Brown Antique granite is ideal for both interior and exterior installations. Brown Antique granite is the perfect addition to your counter tops in your kitchen or bathroom, the board room table at your office, your foyer table, or the counter tops on your outdoor bar. Brown Antique granite is available in 2 CM and 3 CM slabs.

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