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Calacatta Lasa Granite Slab

Calacatta Lasa Granite Slab

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Mirroring the elegant marble in statues that adorn the streets in Italy, Calacatta Lasa marble is an exquisite white marble featuring subtle gray veins; making Calacatta Lasa one of the iconic images we see when we envision marble. The cool white base of the marble has movement created by the soft beige veins that stream through the entire slab. With medium variation, there may be some darker gray veins and some softer beige-rust veins that curve through Calacatta Lasa marble as well. Adding Calacatta Lasa to your next interior remodel, will not only add history to your home, but create an ambiance of elegance and class.


With elegance that only marble can bring, Calacatta Lasa marble is ideal for that individual who wants both character and beauty to develop in their stone over time. When sealed, and frequently wiped down, Calacatta Lasa marble will hold its essence of marble for years to come. Then, there is always the option to not seal your marble and let a patina-look come about over time. Ideal for kitchen counter tops, marble is a terrific platform to work with dough as it is a naturally cool stone. A stone with such character will require some constant love, as it ages just as we do.

Best Used For:

Add Calacatta Lasa marble to your commercial or residential installation as a table top, foyer table, back splash, counter tops or bathroom vanity. Ideal for interior installations, as counter tops, floors, or walls, Calacatta Lasa marble is exactly what you need to bring an ambiance of elegance into your home. 

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