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Caledonia Granite Slab

Caledonia Granite Slab

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Have you ever looked up at the sky when a storm is approaching and the sun is already setting? The spots in between the clouds are a dark gray, while some the dark gray has softly turned into the black of night. Through the clouds, in the darker spots of the sky, you can see the stars continuing to shine even though majority of the sky is covered. The clouds aren’t quite gray, but they are not white either. They have morphed into a dark gray, almost brown with the spots still being reflected by the sun. The giant spherical shapes bounce into one another and then slowly drift away. Staring at the clouds move is a way to get lost from your surroundings, watching them drift by one at a time while just seeing enough of the clear night sky to be teased into wanting more. Caledonia granite embodies this night sky and embodies the ambiance along with it. The calming movement in Caledonia granite is mesmerizing and creates an easy escape from your surroundings.



With an unsurpassable durability, Caledonia is resistant to scratches, scuffs and stains. When applying a sealant properly, this stone will be resistant to oils and acids. Caledonia will be just the addition to your remodel that you need. Not only is it durable, it is easy to clean; making Caledonia granite yours to enjoy for years to come.


Best Used For:

Ideal for both interior and exterior installations, Caledonia granite can be used in residential and commercial settings. Able to withstand freezing temperatures makes Caledonia granite the perfect countertop for your swim up bar or outdoor BBQ island countertop. Available in 2 CM and 3 CM slabs, Caledonia granite is ideal for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, foyer tables and exterior table tops.

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