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Carioca Gold Granite Slab

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Carioca Gold granite is a beautiful, low variation, golden yellow granite. You may also notice Carioca Gold goes by Amendoa Gold or Capri Gold. Carioca Gold granite has a fine speckling of dark and light grays, with gold and yellow. With a fairly uniformed pattern, Carioca Gold granite is not only a gorgeous addition to your next remodel, bur also a smart choice for the home-owner who isn’t quite ready to have an eccentric work of art in their home. With a piece of art that only Mother Nature could sculpt, Carioca gold granite is ideal for kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanities, boardroom tables or swim-up bars.


Carioca Gold granite is ideal for situations where there might be constant use; such as a kitchen counter top or bathroom vanity. This is because granite is one of the hardest and least porous stones, making it durable against scratches and stains. Applying a sealant will help you ensure you will be enjoying this extraordinary stone for many years to come.

Best Used For:

Because granite can withstand freezing temperatures, this makes Carioca Gold granite the first go-to when adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor bar or garden bench top. Carioca Gold granite slabs come in both 2 CM and 3 CM, making it ideal for commercial or residential use. With the capabilities for both interior and exteriors installations, Carioca Gold granite is a versatile stone that will enhance any project.

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