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Crema Bordeaux Granite Slab

Crema Bordeaux Granite Slab

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Encompassing the colors and textures of the Grand Canyon isn’t a simple feat. The rich reds that have grown darker over time have mixed with warm browns and beiges to create the elegant Earth-tone pairing of colors in the rocks. The warm colors are occasionally separated by sedimentary rocks, each individually adding their own light tan colors and darker brown streaks. Recreating the color scheme the Grand Canyon has nurtured for at least 6 million years isn’t as easy as putting paint on a canvas. It takes Mother Nature herself to recreate such an elegant and breath-taking color combination. Crema Bordeaux granite is our way of being able to bring home the Grand Canyon, without stealing rocks from a national park.



With such a powerful combination of pattern, color and durability, Crema Bordeaux granite is exactly what you need for your remodel. When properly sealed, Crema Bordeaux granite is resistant to scratches, scuffs and stains. Making it ideal for areas with constant activity, such as the kitchen or bathroom.


Best Used For:

Slabs are available in 2 CM and 3 CM, making them perfect for residential and commercial use.  Add Crema Bordeaux granite to your home or business through the kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities or board room tables. Crema Bordeaux granite can withstand freezing temperatures, adding just another unbelievable characteristic to this unbelievable stone. Able to withstand those temperatures makes Crema Bordeaux granite perfect for exterior installations, as well as interior installations too. 

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