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Crema Perla Granite Slab

Crema Perla Granite Slab

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Crema Perla granite finds its origins in China.  Also known as Cameo or Tiger Skin, this unique natural stone is primarily cream in color with flecks of dark grey, black and beige.  The overall neutral tones of this color palette create a clean, bright modern feel to your space. You may choose to continue this theme throughout, by adding a fun metal mosaic back splash, and pairing it with a porcelain tile floor in matching hues.  Crema Perla granite, created by the earth's natural forces,  could become the centerpiece of your new upgraded kitchen.


Crema Perla granite is one of the hardest and least porous stones, making it a great choice for places like a kitchen as it does not react to acids and chemicals.  This durable stone is resistant to stains and scratches and is very easy to clean and maintain.  Applying a sealant will ensure that you will enjoy this elegant stone for many years to come.

Best Used for:

Crema Perla granite can be used in both interior and exterior installations and can withstand temperatures in freezing climates.  It is also recommended for all commercial and residential projects, like counter tops for kitchens, bathroom vanities, outdoor BBQ islands, Lobby reception areas as well as back splashes.  The slabs are available in both 2 CM and 3 CM thickness.

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