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Gibli Granite Slab

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A calming ambiance is added to your space when you decide on Gibli granite slabs. The warm sand color base of the granite is given slight movement with the smaller light gray specks that are throughout. With occasionally dark gray, almost black, blemishes on the face of the granite, your eye is constantly drawn from one spot to the next. When trying to focus on one specific spot in the Gibli granite, it becomes slightly difficult because the small light gray spots start to create patterns which you unknowingly will become mesmerized by. There are soft, light tan veins that barely mist the surface in areas that help strengthen the soft movement in the piece. Gibli granite will add the perfect addition to your business or home by creating a welcoming and calming ambiance.



Apply a sealant and this naturally durable stone becomes almost indestructible. Of course if you are taking a hammer to it, it might not fare well; however, if you are looking to avoid scratches, stains and scuffs, then Gibli granite is the ideal addition to you next remodel.


Best Used For:

Gibli granite can be used in both interior and exterior installations and can withstand freezing temperatures.  Gibli granite is available in 2 CM and 3 CM slabs, and is recommended for counter tops in kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor living spaces, as well as backsplashes and bar counter tops.

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