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Lapidus Granite Slab

Lapidus Granite Slab

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Lapidus Granite has rich gold and brown colors with small flecks of  light grays and creams.  This natural stone originates from the quarries in Brazil and has a truly unique, interesting surface that will add texture as well as rustic appeal to your design space.  If your personal style preference leans more towards organic motifs, using other natural elements and warm earth tones, Lapidus Granite might just be the perfect material to anchor your space.  The warm, casual, inviting room you have dreamed of will finally become a reality and you can look forward to wonderful gatherings of friends and family there.


The look and feel of Lapidus granite is unique to this beautiful natural stone, and is unparalleled by any other material.  It is also one of the hardest and least porous stones, and is the best choice for places like kitchens as it does not react to acids and chemicals. The surface is polished to a reflective shine, causing light to bounce off it, highlighting the pattern and colors.  Along with a sealant, granite is easy to clean and maintain, and is a durable, long lasting material.

Best Used For:

Lapidus granite can be used in both interior and exterior installations and can withstand temperatures in freezing climates.  It is also an excellent choice for both commercial and residential projects.  The slabs are available in both 2 CM and 3 CM, and are recommended for counter tops in kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor living spaces, as well as back splashes and bar counter tops. 

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