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Peacock Green Granite Slab

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With a royal appeal, Peacock Green granite is a low variation granite that has large specks of various shades of deep greens and intense flecks of shimmering golds. Also known as Verde Peacock, this natural material is found in the quarries of Brazil.  For a modern and sleek feel in your kitchen, partner Peacock Green granite with Grey cabinetry. Or, opt for Cherry cabinets to give a kitchen a rich, luxurious impression.


Sure to set any mood, the golds and greens in Peacock Green granite may be the ideal finishing touch on your next remodel. When properly sealed, Peacock Green granite will not only be there for your family for years to come, it will become part of the family as you spend many dinners together, crowded around the Peacock Green granite table top.  It could also be found in a local restaurant as a bar counter top where all the secrets shared amongst friends over drinks happen on a nightly basis.

Best Used For:

Peacock Green granite can be used in both exterior and interior installations. This granite is also ideal for a setting where freezing temperatures might develop, as it can withstand those cold temperatures. These 2 CM. or 3 CM slabs are recommended for counter tops in bathrooms, kitchens, or any outdoor living space. Peacock Green granite can also be used for both residential or commercial settings. 

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