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Green Onyx | 4x4 | Tumbled

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Green Onyx | 4x4 | Tumbled
Product Number: 1997
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* Stone Type: Onyx
* Country: pakistan
* Primary Color: Green
* Variations: High
* Freezing Climate: NO

Green Onyx
4x4 Tumbled are smaller pieces of tiles that are mostly moss green in color
with some dark brown veins and beige clouds. These rounded cube tiles may also
have some slate gray color in select pieces. The surface is relatively smooth
but not shiny.

Advantages of Green Onyx
4x4 Tumbled can increase traction in a specific area and the small size makes
it ideal in fitting into custom walls and floors without the need to cut up
slabs of tiles.

Best Used For:

Green Onyx 4x4 Tumbled is best used for indoor installations like backsplashes or bathroom tiles. It can also be used to line walkways for outdoor installations as well
as to form a part of a tile mosaic. 

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