Not a fan of the kitschy Halloween decor that tends to dominate DIY blogs and home decor stores this time of year? If that’s you, then I have come to your rescue… Sort of anyway.

I found a handful of articles that will help you elegantly decorate your home for Halloween! Of course, these DIY projects aren’t just for people without kids; these are just a few Halloween decorations I found to be a little less Mickey’s not-so-scary-Halloween and a little more “adult.”


Check out this simple, yet classy, DIY Halloween rug! Customize the rug with your favorite spooky saying. Simple, yet makes a statement!



These Black Dahlia Centerpieces are ideal for keeping an “adult” ambiance around your home while still being festive. All you really need to do is just buy fake black flowers and replace your colored ones!


I love how simple these are, yet they pack one perfectly-themed-punch! These Super Halloween Centerpieces are perfect for your mantel, table and to snack on!


These Bat Silhouettes are probably the easiest Halloween decorations we’ve seen yet! Just cut and adhere, there ya go!

mod podge decoupaged lace pumpkins titleI am a huge fan of lace in decor. These Decoupaged Lace Pumpkins are the perfect addition to your already chic abode.


Which upscale Halloween decoration is your favorite? I’m torn between the lace pumpkins and adding black flowers!