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I am so excited for Halloween! I do not love being scared, but I do love decorating ghoulishly! The only problem is sometimes its hard to decorate at work for Halloween. I searched the web far and wide to figure out how to decorate my desk while not having to grab too many supplies or take up too much time. I decided on some cute Halloween Origami and a simple paper chain to decorate my desk for Halloween.

I was able to create everything from recycled paper from my office. I just colored the pieces with markers! The origami is easy by-the-way; I’m definitely not a professional paper folder. You’ll find the videos below for the (relatively) simple Halloween Origami! 


The cat was pretty easy to make. It only started to get a little difficult at the end because the bends became smaller and smaller. The origami instructor in the video also seems to speed up at the end… Or maybe that was just me because I kept getting lost! 

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Don’t be discouraged by how intricate this little pumpkin looks; you can do it! Once you get the 2nd or 3rd fold in the pattern going, you’ll be able to get it really quick. I skipped the hat and made the pumpkin first, I think it was easier to make the hat after that. 



The bat is pretty simple! I only was a little confused at the end when it came to bending the wings to give them their bat shape. 



I know the quality of this little gif set isn’t exactly what I wanted, but you get the jest. It’s my first attempt, what can I say?

I took some of the paper and colored it black and another piece orange. It’s just like elementary school! just make a paper chain. You can customize the size of the links to your liking.

Need some reassurance you can do these? Check out my Origami Pumpkin, Origami Cat and my Origami Bat below! And trust me, if I can do it, so can you!

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halloween-origami-cat-pumpkin-bat big