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Hazelnut Travertine | Filled | 12x12 | Honed

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Hazelnut Travertine | Filled | 12x12 | Honed
Product Number: 1503
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You've always love the way rustic interior décor looks but haven't had the chance to try it in your own home until you decided to have your house renovated. When it came time to styling your home, you decided to go with a rustic chic feel, and needed a tile that represented that theme. Once you saw Hazelnut travertine tile, you knew that you had found the perfect flooring. With a brushed finish, this tile is smooth while still feeling natural and the chiseled edges give the tile a rustic feel. Once the Hazelnut travertine tile has been installed in your home, you know that with proper upkeep, you will be able to enjoy your tile for many years to come.

Best Used For:

Hazelnut travertine is best used as pavement material and can provide a nice surface for high traffic areas. It also works great for living room and bedroom floors, kitchen countertops and shower walls.

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