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Silver Travertine Mesh Back Mosaic | 2x4 | High Honed

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High Honed Silver Mosaic 2x4 Travertine Meshed Back Mosaic
Product Number: 2285
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You love 1920s art deco décor and have decided to re-do your kitchen back splash with this in mind. When it came time to choose your new back splash, you had trouble finding a tile that incorporated the silver grey of your furniture accents without looking too cold and uninviting. Once you saw Silver Mesh Back Mosaic travertine, you knew that you had found your perfect match. The tile features the silver grey color that you wanted but also incorporates warm tones as well, which makes the tile feel welcoming and interesting. The honed finish on the travertine gives it a smooth feel without being polished and the light color reflects light brilliantly. Once you installed your Silver Mesh back Mosaic travertine tile in your kitchen, you knew that you had made a great choice.

Best Used For:

Silver Mesh Back Mosaic travertine tile is best used for sleek, modern indoor areas such as: offices, living rooms, receiving areas and kitchens. It can easily be blended with other darker colored countertops and tiles.

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