Travertine tile is often a perfect choice among homeowners who would want to decorate their kitchen flooring. This is usually an ideal choice for them because of their earthy colors. The limestone composition in this tile allows it to have great designs and color to choose from. This tile is durable for areas that are high in traffic like the kitchen. It is usually natural in color and porous. It is usually sealed to protect your floors from absorbing substances and stains which can damage or cause dullness and discoloration. Although your travertine tile will need you a sealant every year to restore its shine, you still have to do routine care which is also needed. How do you keep the beauty of your tiles?

  1. Sweep your floor using a dustpan and broom to take out all debris and dirt. This is an important part of the process to make sure that your travertine tile will be restored to its natural beauty.
  2. Attached a sanding paper on a buffer used for the floor. Plug it into your electrical cord.
  3. Mix polishing powder that is about half cup on a 4' x 4' area of your tiles.
  4. Put one cup of water onto the polishing powder.
  5. Use your floor buffer on the travertine tile until the water and polishing powder solution become milky white.
  6. Put more water or powder if you desire so. You can also make a gritty solution onto your tile's surface. You can perform the same procedure to further shine the entire surface of the tiles.
  7. Wipe your tile when done using a clean cloth. You can take out polishing powder or water by doing this.
  8. Mop the surface. Get your mop and a pail of water to take out any residue from the powder.
  9. Dry your tile using clean and dry cloth.
  10. Attach the buffing pad to your floor buffer. You can buff your tile's surface once more. However, only use a dry pad for buffing. Let your travertine tile rest for one day.
  11. Use masking tape used by painters to tape off the edges and floor boards. You can also spray a natural sealant used for floors. Do this in a sweeping motion.
  12. Put a thin coat one at a time.
  13. Let every coat dry up completely before you add another coat.
  14. When your ideal shine is obtained from this procedure, don't touch or walk on the travertine tile for one day.

Indeed making your travertine tile lovely once more isn't hard at all. You all need to devote one day for this task. Nevertheless, it's worth it to make your travertine tiles looking new again. If you want to make your tiles lovely and attractive, you can keep their natural color and shine by performing simple steps highlighted above.