Some home designers and owners make the mistake of choosing and buying a marble tile for the sole reason that it looks good, and that it is already used by a lot of people. This should not be the case; when you are buying a marble tile, make sure that you are buying it for the advantages and benefits that come from it. Perhaps, it is a shock to find out that a marble tile still has its advantages. It has been used ever since the age of time; but, it does not mean that it does not have its letdowns. For one thing, a marble tile is not suitable and recommended in the kitchen area. This tile is susceptible and at risk for acidic liquids. Once spilled on them, they can seep through the marble material. They leave the appearance of the tile damaged and dull. But, you can use a marble tile in other areas of the house, such as the study or the living room. If you want it in the bathroom, make sure that it surrounds only the shower area.

 A marble tile is often delicate, and must not be cleaned with just any ordinary detergent. To maintain its shine and appearance, clean it with lukewarm water, a cloth, and non- toxic detergent. Make sure that the marble tile is wiped thoroughly and dry. Some people prefer to apply a coat of wax on top of the tile. This does not make your marble tile shinier; but, it can provide protection. To maintain it, make sure that you are regularly sweeping the tiles and making sure that no dirt or grime gets stuck in them.

Just like any other kind of tile, a slate tile needs to be regularly cleaned, too. This kind of tile comes from the natural slate stone. That means that only non- acidic cleaning agents must be used on them. Otherwise, the interior and exterior of the tile will be damaged. The all- natural colors of the slate tile will be wiped out, too. Upon installing the slate tile, make sure that it is properly sealed, so that nothing can scratch it. If dirt marks appear on it, just use warm water to remove them from the slate tile. As preventive and precautionary measure, make sure to place door mats or carpets on top of your slate tile to prevent dirt or spills from damaging it. Also, sweep the floor everyday to make sure that dust does not accumulate on the slate tile.

However, if the damage is beyond you, there are some companies and service providers that specialize in cleaning slate tile. Whether you clean it yourself or you ask help from others, using and applying a sealer on the slate tile is advised to lessen the cases of future damages. The sealer will lessen the permeability and porosity of the tile. However, do not use heavy wax for it because it can damage the appearance of the slate tile, and reduce its traction, making the tiles slippery and dangerous, especially in the bathroom.