Sorry Not Sorry.

Today I come bearing some of the funniest, and mostly appropriate, Christmas cards I could find on I am so excited Halloween has left, Thanksgiving is on the doorstep and CHRISTMAS is around the corner! Honestly, I hate receiving gifts because I have a thing about surprises (good or bad) but I do love decorating for Christmas and surprising others with awesome gifts!
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These Jarred Me!

Okay, I wasn’t really jarred in the negative meaning; I just couldn’t pass up using that pun! While I was blog surfing yesterday morning, I came across a really cute Etsy Shop!
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5 DIY Kits You’ll Wish You already Owned

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE DIY kits. They are usually (keyword: usually) less expensive than buying all the materials yourself, and are obviously easier just because everything, plus instructions, is right there for you. Therefore, today, we feature some of my favorite (and most usefully fun) kits I could find!
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